The Surprising Piece You Thought You Couldn’t Pull Off…But Can!

The Surprising Piece You Thought You Couldn’t Pull Off…But Can!

Like any devoted fashion fanatic, we are no strangers to trends we thought we’d never see again resurfacing. From exaggerated shoulder pads to high neck crop-tops, it’s more often than not that pieces iconic to a certain era make their way back into contemporary fashion.

The same ebb and flow certainly holds true for the jewellery world, with dated trends constantly popping back up in a freshly styled way. Cue: the choker!

Bear with us; this cringe-worthy 90’s piece actually lends some serious flare when well styled. From grunge, to architectural, to totally glam (and much in between) the choker is a surprisingly versatile piece that transforms whatever ensemble it’s worn with. Don’t believe us? Celebs and style mavens like Anna Kendrick, Kate Bosworth and Rihanna have all shown us different adaptations of choker styling. Keep scrolling for some inspiration that will leave you looking back at the 90’s with a smile.

rihanna choker

Emma Watson
emma watson choker

Alexa Chung
alexa chung choker

 Mandy Moore
mandy moore choker

Kim Kardashian
kim kardashian choker

Anna Kendrick
anna kendrick choker

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