To Harness Or Not To Harness

To Harness Or Not To Harness

When it comes to fashion, it’s essentially unanimous that Taylor Swift can do no wrong. She’s the queen of matching sets, sequined minis, and polished, off-duty street style. So when Swifty was spotted out and about donning this notably bad-girl harness, she did more than just turn heads.

But Swift isn’t the only style icon that’s tried out this trend. We’ve spotted it popping up, albeit sparingly, on runways and even some of our favourite retailers. Forever21 is one of the few to offer a variation in their stores.

So what do we make of this ultra-edged up item? To us, personal style is about being true to who you are. If you love toughness and want to emulate that in your clothing choices, by all means, the world is your oyster. We might not be the firsts in line to buy harness belts ourselves, but who are we to stop you: especially if you’re Taylor Swift.

taylor swift harness

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