Trend Alert: Doubletime!

Trend Alert: Doubletime!

We’ve already filled you in on all the reasons it’s time to get yourself a great watch. This versatile piece tops off your outfit no matter what your style may be, from edgy to androgynous, and every aesthetic in between.

For the fashion risk-taker, here’s one look you probably haven’t wrapped your head (or wrist) around yet. Try styling your timepiece with…another one! This out-of-the-box and quirky styling hack may seem redundant, but it’s actually a fresh way to breathe new life into vintage pieces. Your dainty metal numbers pair well with thicker, tougher, menswear inspired variations – trust us!


To really have some fun with this look, mix in bangles, chains and rings aplenty. While wearing one watch is practical, adding another is just plain funky, so live it up! Set one to the correct time, and set another to your favorite vacation destination or inspirational city.

stack watches three

But ladies and gents, practice your punctuality! Double the watch means zero excuse for tardiness!

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