Trending: Stacked Necklaces

Trending: Stacked Necklaces

Stacking jewellery isn’t and shouldn’t be reserved for bracelets or rings. Fashionable necks are now joining in on the fun. The best part is that you can merge both dainty and chunky necklaces. You can combine a collection of delicate necklaces for a casual, everyday look; you can join a couple of hefty necklaces for more of a loud statement; or you can combine small with big necklaces for a totally unique style. We recommend doing a Pinterest search for “stacked necklaces” — hundreds of detailed images will pop up to inspire you. One fashionista opts to stack all her everyday gold charm necklaces — some short, some long — for a beautiful way to amp up a crisp white button-down shirt. Another dares to mix a chunky chain necklace with a delicate pendant — plus a gaudy jewelled bib necklace for an edgier vibe. And yet another creates a bohemian-inspired aesthetic with various length beaded necklaces combined with owl and rock pendants. You can even wear an assortment of diamond necklaces for a blingy look for nighttime or pair diamonds with pearls for an undeniably classy feel. The possibilities are endless — and so much fun to explore.

To get in on the stacked-necklaces trend, shop the following pairings we love:

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