Trending: The Pinky is the Most Popular Ring Finger

Trending: The Pinky is the Most Popular Ring Finger

The pinky ring used to be reserved for the British Royal Family and mafia men. There probably isn’t a gangster movie in Hollywood that doesn’t have at least one character rocking a chunky pinky ring while smoking a cigar. Hello Michael Corleone. But at some point, the pinky ring trend took a feminine turn and trickled down to fashionable women all over the world. Celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Heidi Klum started sporting pinky rings with their fancy gowns on the red carpet, and street stylers and bloggers alike worked theirs with casual wear like distressed jeans and sneakers. Some work the trend by wearing a ring on every finger, including the fifth finger, while others just wear a pinky ring to give theirs singular attention. Here are some tips on how to rock the pinky ring yourself:

1) Because pinky rings are hard to come by, look for a midi ring and wear it on your pinky.

2) For a casual, everyday look, find a delicate gold or silver pinky ring. For a fancy feel, wear a chunky cocktail ring on your pinky.

3) Adjustable rings are a great way to go since you can make them smaller to fit your little finger.

4) For maximum effect, wear your pinky ring on its own. No other rings required.

5) For ideas, check Pinterest to see how fashionistas are wearing their pinky rings.

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