Watch Out For The Apple Watch

Watch Out For The Apple Watch

We’re accustomed to heading to the Apple store for all our technological needs: most frequently for iPhone and laptop purchases and repairs. But as fashion and electronics continue to intersect, Apple is adjusting to market demands.

The Apple Watch will be released on April 24th, and will bring with it some new additions to your Apple store experience. As the watch caters to the fashion and luxury focused Apple shopper, the retailer will offer multiple band, finish and size options to try on and choose from in store. But unlike other Apple products, you won’t be able to actually walk out with the watch the day of purchase. On the contrary, in order to receive a watch, a customer is required to make a reservation online for a consultation beforehand.

That’s right: the long lines you’ve gotten so used to on the day of a new Apple product release won’t happen this go around. So tell us….will you be putting your name down for a reservation?

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