What To Get Your Man For V-Day? Keep Reading, We’ve Got Answers

What To Get Your Man For V-Day? Keep Reading, We’ve Got Answers

A holiday characterized by pink, red, flowers and chocolate, Valentine’s Day often leaves us puzzled as to what we can do for the oh-so-manly men in our lives. While we ladies hold out for jewellery, and fantasize about a desk full of flowers, it’s hard to put our fingers on exactly what frill-and-fuss-free gifts to get our beaus. One thing is for certain: given all the pressure Feb 14th puts on men, they deserve a little TLC on the most romantic day of the year as well.

Barry’s has you covered! With a selection of jewellery pour homme that is sure to tickle your man’s fancy, as well as a slew of out-of-the-box ideas to boot, we’ve got 6 gifts that will show him how special he really is.

1) Scott Kay Woven Leather Triple Wrap Bracelet

scott kay

Scott Kay’s wrap bracelet is simple and versatile yet lends a “cool guy” vibe to anything it’s paired with.

2) Couples Massage

Romantic couple on spa holiday

Your guy deserves to take a load off, doesn’t he? What better way to do so than with you by his side?

3) Thomas Sabo Skull Ring

thomas sabo ring

For the man that is rough around the edges, this Thomas Sabo skull ring will be just his style.

4) Man-Bouquet

man bouquet

For those of you who aren’t afraid of a little DIY, a handmade man bouquet full of your guy’s favorite things is an unexpected and ultra-creative option.

5) Thomas Sabo Fleur De Lis Silver Sterling Cufflinks

thomas sabo fleur de lis cuff

Your beau will fawn over these artful and inspired cufflinks from Thomas Sabo. The “Fleur de lis” is the symbol of the French monarchy and represents purity, devotion, respect and dignity.

6) Jack Spade Leather Wallet

jack spade leather wallet

This Jack Spade leather wallet is stylish, sensible and won’t break the bank. Bonus points for that it’s probably something he wouldn’t buy for himself.

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