What Will 22.1 Million Dollars Get You? The Perfect Diamond

What Will 22.1 Million Dollars Get You? The Perfect Diamond

Amidst the buzz of NYC high price auctions last week, one Sotheby’s gem stood out in a sea of sparklers.

An emerald-cut, 100.20 carat diamond sold in the big apple on April 21st, making it the largest of its cut and clarity to ever go up for auction. The D-color, Type IIa, masterpiece is referred to as the “Ultimate Emerald Cut Diamond”, and could have been yours last week for a whopping 22.1 million dollars. Originally mined in Africa by none other than De Beers, it required a year’s worth of cutting and polishing before it was deemed “perfect”.

And we really do mean perfect, given that it has been deemed internally flawless, and appears completely transparent. The buyer, who remains anonymous, made his purchase after only three minutes into the auction.

Perhaps Gary Schuler, the head of Sotheby’s jewellery department summed it up best, “The colour is whiter than white, it is free of any internal imperfections and so transparent that I can only compare it to a pool of icy water.”

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