When Jewellery Isn’t Just Jewellery

When Jewellery Isn’t Just Jewellery

Sure, even dating back to ancient times, jewellery was a symbol of wealth and status, and in today’s society has almost everything to do with fashion. But with fashion comes the concept of personal expression, and furthermore the ability to convey a way of thinking through your outward appearance.

Cue jewellery brands like Alex and Ani, Dogeared, and Jennifer Meyer, which are just as much about aesthetics as they are about sentimentality. Each piece from these eponymous collections allows the wearer to tell a story, shed light on a certain trait (zodiac sign? Family origin? Religious orientation?), or connect with a way of thinking as demonstrated by a symbol.

Always crafted of quality metals, pieces baring some sentimentality aren’t about catering to fleeting fashion trends, but rather giving the wearer the opportunity to embody something that the jewellery represents for years to come.

Luckily, you can purchase Alex and Ani at Barry’s Jewellers. Scroll on to check out a few of our favourite pieces, and let us know what speaks to you.

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