You Heard Right: One Pink Diamond Sold For $17.7 Million!

You Heard Right: One Pink Diamond Sold For $17.7 Million!

One lucky and very wealthy person in Hong Kong took home a pear-shaped, 8.41-carat flawless fancy vivid pink diamond from Sotheby’s Asia for a whopping $17.7 million (HK$137.88 million). The auctioneers had expected the pink beauty to rake in $15.5 million, but it ended up selling for 2.2 million more.


So what makes this particular pink diamond worth every last penny? Apparently the combination of its internally flawless clarity, which is rare in pink diamonds, plus a “fancy vivid” colour grade, which means it holds the highest concentration of colour. What’s more, this little pink diamond also set a world auction record for fancy vivid pink diamonds.

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