Your Guide To Summer Jewels Starts Here

Your Guide To Summer Jewels Starts Here

“More is more” some would say of statement necklaces, bold cuffs and a handful of stacked rings. We love piling it on, but we’ve noticed a turn towards minimalism as we head into sunshiney months. Maybe it’s the hot weather that makes us want to wear as little as possible, or maybe we’re echoing the bare shoulders and midriffs that are so popular this season with bare hands and necks to boot.

Whatever the reason may be, we’ve found ourselves tucking away oversized baubles in favor of their delicate counterparts. But this doesn’t mean one pendant and you’re good to go. On the contrary: layering two to three of these elegant pieces together adds intrigue with just a touch of gypsy flair. If you’re shy to mix metals, stick to one treatment but play around with shape, lengths, et al. The key here is to keep your jewels understated: think subtle pieces that let your summer tan speak for itself.

So read on to peep some serious seasonal inspiration.

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