You’ve Decided on a Cottage Wedding!

You’ve Decided on a Cottage Wedding!

Outdoor weddings are one of the biggest growing trends when it comes to venue choice.  Saying “I do” at the cottage is a simple way to embrace nature and the love you have for one another.

When planning your wedding, be sure that each aspect of it flows; from your dress and decor to jewellery and accessories.  Here are some tips to keep you on the right track and keep your theme constant throughout.

When it comes to choosing your wedding dress (probably the most important decision you’ll make for your wedding), you will want to pick a fabric that will work well with the outdoors.  Steer clear from heavy fabrics such as silk, satin and delicate fabrics like lace.  Try to opt for a lighter material such as taffeta (it will keep you cool during the warmer weather) or chiffon.  Personally, my choice would be a chiffon gown. It will pair nicely with the nature aspect of the day because the fabric is free flowing, giving you a delicate, romantic look.

Jewellery is also another important choice for your wedding day.  You will want to choose pieces that will compliment you and your dress, not draw attention away from it.  Here are some great choices that also fit nicely with the nature theme of your wedding day.

When choosing a colour theme, choose a colour that will add brightness; yellow, light pink, light blue, light green.  Steer clear from colours that will darken your theme such as, black, deep purple, etc.

Your decor for a cottage wedding can be fun! Here are some cute ideas that incorporate the nature surrounding you.


A cottage wedding is a nice way to celebrate your love with an intimate group of people.  But, remember to inform your guests that there will not be an air conditioner, plenty of uninvited bugs and weather that may not cooperate.

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